Alerts - Google Wins Typosquatting Dispute

Date Entered: 04/28/2005

This alert is based on an article from eWeek - Beware How You Google

eWeek reports that if people mistype the google URL as, it will bring you to a malicious site infested with trojan droppers, downloaders, viruses, etc.

To read more about this threat please read the eWeek article Beware How You Google -,1759,1790348,00.asp

--------------------------------- As of July 8, 2005 - Google won its court case and now has the right to several site addresses that relied on typographical errors to deliver malware.

MSNBC - Associated Press article - SAN FRANCISCO - An Internet arbitrator has awarded Google Inc. the rights to several Web site addresses that relied on typographical errors to exploit the online search engine's popularity so computer viruses and other malicious software could be unleashed on unsuspecting visitors. The National Arbitration Forum, a legal alternate to litigating in court, sided with a Google complaint alleging that Sergey Gridasov of St. Petersburg, Russia, had engaged in "typosquatting" by operating Web sites named, and After former Stanford University graduate students incorporated the search engine in September 1998, Google registered its domain name a year later. Gridasov registered his Web sites in December 2000 and January 2001, according to Google's complaint...." Read the rest of the article.