Alerts - Wireless - WEP and SSID Change

Date Entered: 08/04/2004

Wireless Network WEP Key and SSID to Change on August 16, 2004

To help maintain the security of ISU's wireless network, the Computer Center will change both the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key and Service Set Identification (SSID) on August 16, 2004. These changes will help minimize unauthorized use of ISU's wireless network.

Effective, August 16, 2004, the WEP key and SSID must be properly configured on wireless devices. Without this change, access to the wireless network will be denied. Unfortunately, these changes CANNOT be made until August 16, 2004 unless the wireless device supports multiple SSID and WEP key configurations.

Microsoft Windows XP supports multiple profiles; therefore, this change can be made now on these devices.

To obtain the new WEP key and SSID, access your "Computer Account Information" at MyISU or FSTools and click on the 'NetReg' service.

Again, this change will not be effective until August 16, 2004.

To maximize the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the wireless network, DO NOT SHARE THE WEP KEY or SSID with anyone.

Customers using Microsoft Windows XP can configure the new WEP key and SSID now.
Windows XP configuration instructions can be found at;sec_id=104
Windows 2000 configuration instructions can be found at:

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