Alerts - SCOB Web virus

Date Entered: 06/29/2004

SCOB - A new computer virus spread Friday that is designed to steal passwords and other valuable information when you visit infected websites.

The infection takes advantage of 3 different flaws in Microsoft products, two of which have had a patch available since April. Unfortunately the third flaw does not yet have a patch available.

Opera and Mozilla are unaffected. Macintosh versions of Internet Explorer are not affected.

If you use a pc and Internet Explorer, check to see if you are infected. Search your computer for these 2 files: "Kk32.dll" or "Surf.dat". If you find these files, visit your antivirus program provider for tools to remove the virus from your system.

To learn the specifics about this new web virus and how it works, please visit the eWeek article written by Anick Jesdanun.
Web Virus 'Scob' Recorded, Reported Keystrokes -,1759,1617550,00.asp.
You may need to register with eWeek to read the article.

Here are the McAfee links to info about the SCOB virus family.
JS.Scob.Trojan (Symantec), Scob (F-Secure), Scob: