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Google Wins Typosquatting Dispute - 04/28/2005

This alert is based on an article from eWeek - Beware How You Google</... More

FTC Alert - Don't Get Hooked by Phishing - 12/14/2004

The Federal Trade Commission has posted a consumer alert - How Not To Get Hoo... More

Marketscore - Blocked <BR>- Security Hazard - 12/09/2004

Idaho State University has blocked access to Marketscore fo... More

Twin Falls Only - MS Word Attachments fail to send - 12/06/2004

There is a file transfer problem that ONLY affects the Twin Falls campus... More

BEWARE - email from - 09/13/2004

VIRUS ALERT If you receive this email purporting to be from the More

The No Virus Inside virus - Bagle.AQ - 08/11/2004

There is a new variant of the Bagle worm - Bagle.AQ It is packed inside a ... More

Wireless - WEP and SSID Change - 08/04/2004

Wireless Network WEP Key and SSID to Change on August 16, 2004 To help mai... More

SCOB Web virus - 06/29/2004

SCOB - A new computer virus spread Friday that is designed to steal passwords an... More

Mac Trojan reported - 05/11/2004

As seen on and slashdot: Macworld UK is reporting a case o... More

IRS Tax Fraud Scam - 05/01/2004

IRS Phishing Scam - E-mail is appearing in mailboxes purporting to be from the I... More