Printing in Labs - Prices and Rules

Printing in Labs - Prices and Rules

Limited laser printing is available without charge in computer labs.

  1. Black/White laser output: First 30 pages per day FREE. 5 cents per page thereafter.
  2. Color laser output: 25 cents per page for any Color Laser output.
  3. Transparencies: $1.00 per page printed only on the color printers.

Examples of authorized printing include:

  1. Work required for a course
  2. Personal academic research
  3. Personal resumes
  4. Personal letters or signs, but not for profit

Examples of unauthorized printing include:

  1. Multiple copies of the same document
  2. Documents related to a private business
  3. Any document created for financial gain, either personal or that of an associate
  4. Publicly offensive materials

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