Change the Document Default in Word 2007

How to Change the Default Document Settings in Word 2007

Some people do not like the default settings for new documents in Word 2007. I have created this document to walk you through the steps to configure Office 2007 so that it matches the normal template for Word 2003. If you wish to use some setting other than the setting I set please feel free to do so.

This is the ribbon menu. Almost all of our operations will be performed here.

  1. Open Word 2007
  2. Change the font to Times New Roman in the Font menu on the Home tab.
  3. Change the font size to 12 in the Font menu on the Home tab.
  4. Click on the Page Layout tab.
  5. Click on Margins in the Page Setup menu on the Page Layout tab and select Office 2003 Default.
  6. Change the Spacing After Paragraphs to 0 pt in the Paragraph menu on the Page Layout tab.
  7. Click on the Home tab.
  8. Click the More button in the Styles menu.

    This will expand the styles list.
  9. Click Save Selection as a New Quick Style...
  10. Give the style a descriptive name.
  11. Click Modify...
  12. Click on the radio button labeled New documents based on this template.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Click OK.

Now whenever you create a new document in Word 2007 it will have the same default settings as a Word 2003 document.

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