Excel 2007: Creating A Web Query


How do I use the web query function to bring data into Excel from the internet?


To create a Web query, first make sure a new workbook in Excel is open and your system is connected to the Internet.

  1. From the Data menu, click From Web.
  2. In the New Web Query dialog box, type the URL or web address into the Address text box for the Web page from which you want to pull the information.
  3. When you are finished typing the URL or Web address, click Go.

Depending on the speed on your Internet connection, you'll eventually see the web page you designated displayed in the New Web Query dialog box.

Yellow arrows display next to any table that you can pull from the Web site into your worksheet. (If these arrows don't display, click the Show Icons button).

Now you're ready to decide which data you want to import.

  1. To select a table or section, click the yellow arrow so the arrow changes to a green check mark. (You can also opt to import the entire Web page by clicking the Click To Select The Entire Web Page arrow in the upper-left corner of the page.)
  2. When you're finished selecting the table(s), click the Import button at the bottom of the New Query dialog box.
  3. In the Import Data dialog box, click Existing Worksheet if you want to insert the information in the currently displayed worksheet; click New Worksheet if you want to create a new workbook.
  4. Finally, designate the upper-left corner of the range where you want the Web query information to appear and click OK.

Now Excel will display the Getting Data message in a worksheet cell. The External Data toolbar displays so you can use it to manipulate the data.

For example, you can click the Refresh Data or Edit Query buttons to update the table's information or change the query's structure.

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