WEP and SSID Configuration for Windows XP


How do I configure WEP and SSID for Windows XP?


Windows XP Wireless network Configuration.

Click on the Wireless Networks Tab at the top of the window.

Check the box labeled: Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings. Click the Add button near the bottom of the window.


  1. In the Network Name: field, type in the SSID key you were given. The fall SSID is all upper case characters. No spaces.

  2. Remove the checkmark in the box labeled: The key is provided for me automatically.
  3. In the Network Key: field, type in the WEP key that you were given. It is either upper or lowercase. No spaces between characters.

  4. In the Confirm Network Key: field, type in the WEP key again.

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Platform: Windows XP
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Last Modified by: Joshua Moor on 07/31/2007