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A student wants to make changes to their club web page and doesn't know how to do so.


ISU Student Organization Club Web Pages

The authorized Web content editors for the various ISU student organizations change almost every semester. Keeping track of who is authorized to upload and make changes to these pages is assigned to the Staff of the Student Organizations Department. The Student Org. Dept. has trained staff who will upload the content to the appropriate web pages as requested.

The club members themselves are not authorized to do uploads but are encouraged to design their webpages according to their clubs needs. When all related club webpages are finished, the club web designer is to call 282-3451 and set up an appointment with the available staff to review the new webpages. Once the all links are verified and the webpages are approved, they will be uploaded by the Student Organization staff.

Note: Some student clubs / organization web sites are not handled by the Student Organization department, they are in fact departmental web pages which are authored by students. Examples include: math/cs and judo. Web authors for departmental web pages are to publish them by copying the updated pages to the correct folder on their Y drives.

To see if a web page is handled by the Student Organizations staff, look them up here: http://www.isu.edu/stdorg/

If people need assistance determining which group they belong to and how to go about updating or publishing their web pages, contact the Help Desk at 282-HELP.

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