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How do I use Web publishing tools like Microsoft Front page to publish my Web page?


You can use Web page creation tools like Microsoft Front Page, Dreamweaver, etc., to easily create Web pages to publish on your personal or departmental Web space.

Most programs of this type provide Wizards that walk you through the process of creating a Web page.

Each program does work differently so for information on a specific program we suggest using the program's Wizard or consulting the individual program's online Help.

Once you have created your HTML document remember where you saved it, then drag and drop the file to the public_html directory in your Y drive.

Once the page is in your Y drive you can view it by typing http://www.isu.edu/~(your ISU username)/ (name of your webpage).html into your browsers address bar (Make sure you are connected to the Internet). e.g. http://www.isu.edu/~smitjohn/index.html

By default, your start page should be entitled, index.html

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