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  1. What is the Acceleration web server?
    The Acceleration server stores the ISU website and all department-web folders.

    It's a place to store your department's website content.

  2. What is a Department-web group?

    A department-web folder is one that authorized persons can use to store and publish your department's website content on the secure web server.

    Department web-shares are the folders in your "W"- Drive which end in "-web" (e.g. isu-web, pharmacy-web, etc.)

    To add an individual to a department web group, the responsible party for your department's website must contact the IT Service Desk and request the addition.

  3. How do I get to the Acceleration Drive?

    There are 3 ways to get to the Acceleration Drive:

    Note: These methods are for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows 2000 is no longer a supported Operating System. Users on Windows 2000 are advised to upgrade to Windows XP or Windows 7 as soon as possible. For further information, please contact the IT Service Desk at 208-282-HELP (4357)

    Method 1: Map the Acceleration Drive (Only available On-Campus)
      • For Windows:
        • Right click on "My Computer"
        • Choose "Map Network Drive..."
        • Choose a drive letter to map Acceleration to. (the default drive letter for Acceleration is W)
        • In the box labeled "Folder:" type \\acceleration.isos.isu.edu\[username]
        • Optionally, click "Reconnect at logon" if you would like the Acceleration Drive to be mapped each time you log onto this computer
        • Click "Finish"
        • Enter your user name and password when prompted and click "OK"
      • For Macs:
        • Go to the Finder (icon typically located on dock at bottom of screen)
        • Select Go on the Finder bar and select Connect to Server from the menu.
        • For server name, type: smb://Acceleration.isos.isu.edu/username
        • Click connect
        • Select the + sign if you want to save the address in your favorites.

      Method 2: Use the Acceleration Drive Mapping Utility (Only available On-Campus)
      1. Download the Acceleration Drive Mapping Utility
      2. Run "ISUMappingTools-Installer.exe"
      3. If you are prompted, choose "Run"
      4. Click "Next"
      5. Click "Install"
      6. Click "Close"
      7. Double Click on the "Acceleration Drive Mapping Tool" icon that is on your Desktop
      8. Enter your Username and Password
      9. Click Login
      10. A window should appear with the contents of your Acceleration Drive.
      11. Note: By Default, this will map the Acceleration Drive to W: under My Computer.

      Method 3: Use an SFTP Client (Available On and Off-Campus)
      1. Download and Install WinSCP
      2. Run WinSCP by clicking on the "WinSCP" shortcut on your desktop
      3. Click "New" in the upper right hand corner
      4. In Host Name: type "acceleration.isos.isu.edu"
      5. In User name: type your ISU username
      6. In Password: type your ISU password
      7. Click "Login"
      8. You will be prompted with a warning that reads "The server's host key was not found in the cache." Choose "Yes".
      9. If login is successful, a new window will appear. Your local files are in the left pane, the files on the Acceleration Drive are in the right pane.

    1. Will I have my personal web space on the Acceleration Drive?

      No, only certain legacy web pages for faculty and staff will be carried over to the new server for a short time. Student webpages will no longer be hosted by ISU. We direct you to Google sites or other web hosting sites for student's personal web pages.

    2. Will my files break during the move?

      They may. You need to review your web pages for links that have paths specifying the old "Y:" drive location.

      For example, if you have an webpage that links to a 2nd webpage, that link may need to be updated.

    3. For assistance with any web pages, please contact Web Communications at 282-4407.


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