FAQ - Lab Access: One time use only


I do not have an account and want to use a lab. Am I able to do this?


The many labs that ITS (Information Technology Services) is in charge of are for the use of registered and enrolled students at ISU who have paid for a computer account. All labs require a valid computer account, username and password in order to log in.

All labs have site licenses with many use restrictions.

Some departments such as Accounting, Chemistry, Language, Nursing, Pharmacy and others, have specialized private labs strictly for the use of their enrolled students and no others.

Faculty who need the use of a lab for testing purposes may make arrangements with ITS for special logins.

Since computer accounts are not required of all students for their course work, Faculty who intend to use any lab for ongoing classwork must inform their students that they need to purchase a computer account. ITS will not issue temporary accounts to students for the whole semester. However, during the first week of each semester, ITS will provide ONE-TIME access the computers.

ISU labs are not available to the general public.

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