FAQ - Fake Microsoft Update Email


I received an email from Microsoft.com that said I needed to use the update patch right now but the email said the patch.exe was not delivered to my inbox. How do I patch my computer?


Virus Makers send spam that pretends to be from Microsoft. Some of the email carries an infected payload which our server strips from the message. Here is a recent example of one purporting to be from Microsoft. The bad grammer should be the #1 clue. The number 2 clue is that Microsoft does not send out email telling you to run updates.

In this case, our server caught and removed the virus. It added a text message in the body of the original email.

If you view all the header information, you will see that the Return Path says it is from admin@duma.gov.ru which is probably a fake address. On the other hand, the sending IP says it came from: from localhost (0-1pool59-252.nas4.billings1.mt.us.da.qwest.net []). Obviously, this is not from Microsoft.

Visit this document for instructions on the real way to run Microsoft Critical updates.


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