FAQ - Excel: How do I enter the current time or date into a cell?


How do I enter the current time or date into a cell?


Current Date and Time

  1. To enter the current time or date into a cell in Excel, begin by highlighting the cell where you would like this information to appear.

  2. Type =NOW( ) into that cell, and Excel will display the current date and time (formatted according to the regional options you have set for Windows).

Current Date Only

  1. If you just want to see just the date, use the TODAY function, =TODAY( ), instead.

* Please Note: The above functions are automatically updated whenever your worksheet is calculated or re-opened.

Fixed Date (Unchanging)

  1. To insert a fixed date into a cell (a date that you don't want to change) hold down Ctrl while you press the semicolon ( ;) key.

Fixed Time (Unchanging)

  1. To insert the current time (without a date), press Ctrl-Shift-Semicolon.

These commands are useful if you like to document your work. For example, you might want to keep track of when you added new data to your worksheet.

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