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Weight Sheet

Fill out a weight sheet only if the questions are weighted greater than 1. If no weight is given, the percentage is based on 100.

View a sample of the Weight Sheet.

  1. The maximum weight that can be assigned to any one question is 31 points. Weights are coded on the sheet using the following values:

    a = 1 point      b = 2 points     c = 4 points     d = 8 points     e = 16 points

    Use a combination of bubbles to determine the weight of each question. The following example indicates a weight of 5 points.

  2. If the weight for all questions is to be the same but not to be based upon 100 percent,

    1. Fill in the Y bubble directly to the left of "If all questions are the same weight..."

    2. THEN, to fill in the weight that you want to assign to all your questions, black out the appropriate bubbles in the Question 1 field. The system will weight all the following questions with that value.

      This example shows a weight value of 28.

  3. If the weight of each question varies, you must enter the desired weight for each question on the exam.

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