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Scan Forms

The following instructions describe the scan forms and provides examples of the options which are available.

There are 3 forms:

  1. The KEY SHEET (now includes number of questions)

This is the instruction set for the KEY sheet.

  1. Index Number Field - Use this section to fill in the six digit index number corresponding to the class. Be sure to fill in the corresponding bubble with a number 2 pencil.

  2. This example shows a course index number of 229634

  3. Number of Questions Field - (Note: you cannot exceed 200 questions.)

    This example shows the number of questions as 050, or 50

  4. Weight Sheet Option - fill in the Y bubble directly to the left of "Weight Sheet" if there is to be a weight sheet.

  5. Grade Together Option - Indicates that 2 exams are to be graded together for statistical purposes. There must be a key sheet for each exam. Only mark this bubble on the second and subsequent key sheets, not the first.

  6. Key Sheet Correct Answers - Fill in bubbles corresponding to the correct answers to the exam. The Key Sheet Correct Answers is interpreted as follows:

    Example 1. Indicating only A is the correct answer

    Example 2. Indicating that A and C are correct answers

    Example 3: To throw out an answer and not give credit, mark in all the answer bubbles for the question.(If more than two answer bubbles are inadvertently marked, the question will be automatically thrown out as if all bubbles were marked.)

    Example 4: To give credit for a question regardless of student responses, leave all answer bubbles blank.

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