FAQ - Test Grading System Overview


What is the turnaround time for grading tests?

How does the new test grading system differ from the old scantron system?

Can the results be sent to me via email or do I still need to pick them up in operations?


Grading turn around time - It is the intent of Information Technology Services to have exams graded and returned to faculty within 24 hours. While exams are graded as quickly as possible, you should plan for a 24 hour turnaround. During Mid-term and Final weeks, exams are scored every three hours between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

New Test Grading System - The (new) Test Grading System is much the same as the previous system, allowing any instructor on campus to submit multiple choice and/or true and false exams. All data is entered into the system in the form of scan sheets. The scan sheets must be clearly marked with a number 2 pencil. These scan sheets may be picked up at the Help Desk window in Information Technology Services. Please note that you cannot turn in photocopies of scan sheets to be graded-- you must turn in the original scan sheets.

Results - ITS can notify you via email when your scan sheets have been graded, and deliver the results to your CWIS Y: Drive. Please be sure to include your email address as well as your CWIS username on the KEY SHEET. For easier student identification, the report has been enhanced to include ISU-ID, SS and student STATUS. This system reports the following:

  1. Student Information which includes:
    1. The student name (if the student is registered in the Student Information Database)
    2. The student TEST-ID (Social Security number)
    3. The student ISU-ID (Bengal card number)
    4. The student's status
    5. The student's raw score
    6. The student's percent score
    7. How the student ranked within the class
    8. The item number of the questions missed for each student

  2. Response and Item Analysis:
    1. The question number (there is a maximum of 200 questions on the scan form)
    2. The student's response to each question
    3. The weight of the question
    4. The number of times the question was answered correctly
    5. The correct answer for the question
    6. Whether the question was thrown out
    7. Whether the question was automatically counted correct

  3. Group Statistics:
    1. The mean of the exam
    2. The median of the exam
    3. The mode of the exam
    4. The standard deviation of the exam
    5. The number of exams graded
    6. The possible raw score of the exam

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