FAQ - Minisoft: Remap Number Pad Enter Key


How do I remap the number pad Enter key in Minisoft?


To remap the keys you need to remove the current mapping and remap the enter key on the number pad. Here's how.

  1. The HP700/92 Key Mapping window will appear.
  2. A representation of a PC keyboard appears in the top section. We will refer to this as the PC keyboard.
  3. The HP700/92 keyboard representation appears on the bottom section which we will call HP keyboard.
  4. You will need to follow these instructions in the correct sequence or the mapping won't work.
  5. The ent key corresponds to the enter key on the number pad.

  1. Click on the Number pad Ent (enter) key on the PC keyboard.
  2. Note that the HP keyboard Enter (enter) key also highlights.
  3. Click the DELETE MAP button at the bottom of the window.
  4. To verify that the old mapping is gone, click on the PC number pad Ent (enter) key. The HP keyboard keys should not be highlighted.
  5. Now, Click on the PC keyboard Ent key to highlight it.
  6. Click on the RETURN key on the HP keyboard.
  7. Under Mapping, select the Map to Terminal Key option from the drop down box. (located between PC keyboard and HP keyboard sections, on the left side.)
  8. Click the MAP button
  9. Test the mapping by clicking on the PC number pad Ent key and see if the RETURN key highlights.
  10. Click DONE.
  11. Test by using the newly mapped key.

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