FAQ - Error: 'Grading Period is Closed'


The Web Grade Input page tells me the grading period is closed.


There are only 2 reasons that you will get this error:

  1. You either are using last semesters course index number, OR
  2. You have missed the deadline to post your class grades.

If you've missed your grade posting deadline, the Registrars Office will send out scantron sheets to your department. You will be required to manually enter your classes' grades on those sheets and submit them. In the meantime, your students will see an NR, (not reported), as their grade and they will be very unhappy with you. Many students have grants, scholarships and other things pending on reported grades.

Since many instructors leave town after the last class and try to post grades at the last minute, be forewarned, you may have difficulty posting your grades. Don't wait until the last moment to post your grades because we may not be able to fix it in the time frame that you've alloted to yourself.

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