FAQ - Windows XP: How do I end memory hogging background programs?


My computer seems very slow to start up, and can perform sluggishly. What could be causing this?


Often when installing software or new drivers, small applications which run in the background are also installed. These applications are mostly visible in the systray (usually in the very lower right hand corner of your screen), but could also be invisible. By pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete you can see the list of programs currently running on your computer. If you are sure that some of the proceses aren't needed, you may End task

  1. To view the current tasks which are running on your computer, press <Ctrl> <Alt> <Del>
  2. Click on the Processes tab.
  3. Find the tasks that you want to end and highlight them.
  4. Click the End Process button.

Please Note: Be very careful when shutting off processes on your computer. There are some processes which are essential and should not be shut down, such as the Windows Explorer.

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