FAQ - Find Creator of Files and Folders.


I need to figure out who owns some files on my departmental share folder. How can I do this?



You can have Windows display the owner of specific files. Here's how:

Windows XP

  1. From your departmental share folder, click on View and select Details.

  2. Now, right click one of the column headers for the folder window (i.e. Name, Size, Type) and select Owner.

    1. If you do not see Owner, click More and put a check in the box next to Owner, then click OK.

Directions to apply view settings to all folders

  1. To save this folder setting, click Tools.
  2. Select Folder Options.
  3. Click the View tab.
  4. Under Folder views select Like Current Folder.
  5. Select Yes to set all the folders on your computer to match the current folder's view settings.

Windows Vista

  1. Click Views and select Details.

  2. Right click on a column header and select More.

  3. From this list, check the box next to Owner and select OK.

In Vista, you can also right click on individual files, select Properties and choose the Details tab to find the file's owner.

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