FAQ - What is a cookie?

What is an Internet cookie?

A cookie is a text file created by a Web server and stored on an user's computer. The main purpose of cookies is to identify users and, potentially, to make customized Web pages for them. For example, Web search engines (such as my.yahoo.com) use cookies to create a customized page that is specific to news items and other items that a user selects.

To learn how to find your cookie settings in Internet Explorer. Doc 750 - http://help.isu.edu/index.php?action=knowledgebase&catid=38&subcatid=64&docid=750.

To learn how to find your cookie settings in Mozilla Firefox, click Doc 1068 - http://help.isu.edu/index.php?action=knowledgebase&catid=35&subcatid=58&docid=1068.

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