FAQ - Wireless Printer Issues

Performance of Wireless Printing is NOT Guaranteed.

As we continue to see the installation of more and more wireless printers on campus, we want to remind everyone that there is no service level expectation with wireless.

It was installed as a convenience for students and should not be used to replace a hardwired or critical use/application. Our response time for wireless outages is best effort as we get time. Additionally, we have little control over interference or other issues related to wireless. Wireless networking is pervasive with most networked products having some form of wireless solution available. The un-licensed un-regulated wireless spectrum is a limited resource with a pre-defined set of frequencies and channels. Even with the most careful coordination there is potential for conflict and cross interference

If you have any questions about wireless printing, please call the Help Desk at 282-HELP or contact us via email at help@isu.edu.

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