Front Desk

The Front Desk team creates new accounts for faculty, staff, and students and provides troubleshooting for issues such as accounts that are over quota and lost or forgotten passwords. The Front Desk scans tests and course evaluations, processes data, and produces statistical reports for administrators.

Front Desk Team Members

Michael AckerSpencer ArmstrongDebra BirdAnthony Bowers
Harrison ClevelandTayla ClingerMichael ColeBeth Dinning
Justin DonaldsonSamantha FordeLogan GarayHenderson Gillette
Porter GlinesFrank GoldbergArmin HaghighiDawn Imel
Emerald LewisMikel MechamAustin MietchenParker Pratt
Kate PrestwichKim ScholesCynthia SenickaShawn Sheriff
Scott ShipleyChris ShriverGarrett SmithBrandon Starks
Leighiam VirreyKye Westfall