Pocatello Desktop Support

Install, configure, troubleshoot, and test supported operating systems and software on university owned computers.

Appointments are made by the Help Desk for our Desktop team members to visit staff and faculty offices when 'hands on' assistance is required.

The Desktop team also performs campus sweeps. A 'Sweep' is when we visit various offices in a systematic manner to update licensed software maintained by Information Technology Services.

The Desktop team also handles 'drop in' wireless configuration support for ISU students. The Desktop office is located in the basement of the Business Building.

Pocatello Desktop Support Team Members

Michael AckerSpencer ArmstrongDebra BirdAnthony Bowers
Harrison ClevelandTayla ClingerMichael ColeBeth Dinning
Justin DonaldsonSamantha FordeLogan GarayHenderson Gillette
Porter GlinesFrank GoldbergArmin HaghighiDawn Imel
Emerald LewisMikel MechamAustin MietchenParker Pratt
Kim ScholesCynthia SenickaShawn SheriffScott Shipley
Chris ShriverGarrett SmithBrandon StarksLeighiam Virrey
Kye Westfall