Support Procedure

Supported Software

The Help Desk's expertise will be primarily based on a combination of the following

  1. The most current version of the supported operating systems and application software
  2. The cersion that is most commonly used by the campus community
  3. Vendor support

The Help Desk's first level of support will attempt to troubleshoot problems and answer the basic "how do I" questions. The second level support teams will handle the more difficult troubleshooting and "how do I" questions while also performing on-site installation and configuration.

Application Software

The following is a list of software that is commonly used by the campus community and thoes that the Help Desk has a reasonable level of expertise in the most current version

McAfee Anti-Virus Reflection Minisoft
Star Office Printer Drivers Remote Access
Nerdd Adobe Acrobat Reader Real Audio/Video
"HP1" Applications Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint Corel WordPerfect Corel Quattro Pro
Corel Presentations Netscape Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express