Support Procedure

Unresolved Incidents

In some cases, it may not be possible for even the second or third level support analysts to solve a user's problem. There are several possible reasons why a problem can remain unsolved after a full effort toward resolution

  1. Hardware related problems with the computer. Typically, the user must resolve hardware conflicts with the vendor from whom they purchased the machine, or replace the equipment.
  2. Insufficient expertise with the user's software or hardware. Because of resource limitations the Computer Center can only provide problem solving support for a limited number of platforms and software applications.
  3. Insufficient time. The Help Desk often fields more than 100 problem reports per day. To give everyone fair access to the Help Desk's resources, a triage decision must sometimes be made on incidents that consume large amounts of staff time. If a large number of hours are spent in trying unsuccessfully to resolve a problem, the Help Desk must declare the problem insoluble with the current resources, and devote its efforts to problems it can solve.

If we are unable to offer assistance directly, the Help Desk will attempt to provide vendor telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.