Support Procedure

Second Level Support

Second Level support, also known as Technical Support, uses specially trained consultants who have an in-depth knowledge of computer technology to provide on-site services to ISU faculty and staff, including the Help Desk and other campus technical support entities. These services include advice, installation, testing, configuration and troubleshooting of OS, hardware and software products; implementation of ISU computing standards and procedures; developing and updating guides to ISU computing services and resources.

Most of these incididents involves a more thorough discussion of the problem with the client, and one or more experiments to isolate the source of the problem. In some cases, the problem must be addressed by directly accessing the client's computer. In this case, a second level support analyst will contact the client to arrange an appointment.

Field support is only available for university owned equipment (has an ISU Property Tag) in campus offices or public campus areas. These services are provided with a minimal per hour charge. Field support is NOT available for individual dorm rooms or off-campus locations.

Once the problem is resolved, the analyst provides a detailed description of the investigation, including the steps that led to the solution, and the incident is closed. The document containing the detailed problem description and solution is then placed in the Apriori system, where it can be used by the first level help desk staff to solve similar problems.

In some cases, an incident may be determined to be insoluable at this level. If a determination is made that the incident is solvable but is beyond the capabilities of the Help Desk, the incident is passed on to Third Level Support.