Help Desk Statistics - What do they mean?


The total number of calls received by the Help Desk (customer dials 4585 or 282-4585).


An incoming Help Desk call is pegged as answered when a Help Desk Consultant answers the call.


The number of calls where the customer hangs up before actually talking to a Help Desk Consultant.


The number of callers that listened to the recording "All Help Desk Consultants are currently serving other customers - please hold for the next available consultant". Basically, this figure represents the number of callers that had to wait before talking with a consultant.

Avg. Talk

The average talk time for each call answered by a Help Desk Consultant.

Avg. Answer

The average amount of time a customer had to wait before actually talking with a Help Desk Consultant.


The number of in-person visits by students, faculty and staff to the Help Desk (College of Business Building (basement), Computer Center, room B10).